Halo Group believes that in today’s business world, communication tools such as Email, Texting, IM, and social media leave much to be desired.  Are they effective? Of course, we do thousands of them!  But to be our best and provide the highest levels of service we get B2B (belly-to-belly) with candidates, employees, and clients whenever possible.

Getting B2B fosters richer, high quality communication and understanding.  This richness is driven from body language and common understanding that is difficult find in an email or text.  It’s a fact that our recruiters do a better job understanding candidate perspectives after meeting with them person.  Likewise, there is no doubt that we understand the needs of our clients on a different level after getting B2B and engaging in meaningful dialogue.  And isn’t REAL human interaction what makes life and our jobs, more interesting and more fun?  We think so.  We like people, and we’re in the people business.  So get B2B with us, hopefully we’ll all have fun and be more successful along the way.